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Taśma LED Taśma LED
USD $ 3.00 - 3.00
>=100 piece
Yuyao Jiujiang Electrical Appl Co Ltd
CU/CCA 50 omaxialny kabel Niski stratCU/CCA 50 omaxialny kabel Niski strat
USD $ 0.30 - 0.30
>=10000 meter
Shengda Cable Co.,Ltd
About Wires, Cables & Cable Assemblies
Control cables are a specific family of cables which contain multiple conductive wires and are commonly found in automation systems, both in transportation and industrial production. They tend to feature bundles of wires contained in an insulated sheath, and are built to send a dependable level of current to machinery and robotic devices over long periods, so they need to be durable. If you need wires cables cable assemblies for your production lines,'s wholesale catalogue has everything required. Our control cables store has all of the major varieties of these essential cabling accessories, with the right cables for metallurgy, automobile assembly robots, and order picking machinery in complex warehouses. The cables come in varying widths and contain different wire configurations, and they also differ in terms of flexibility. So if you need wires cables cable assemblies to feed around corners or along ceilings and ducts, choose a variety you can shape without compromising its integrity. Our catalogue also includes polyurethane and PVC insulation, as well as cables with any AWG gauge or voltage rating. Take care of delicate machinery and provide precisely the right voltage thanks to the high-spec cabling from our dependable industrial partners. Whatever you need, our listings will have the answer. With these control cables, you can make sure that robotic assembly equipment operates smoothly for the long term, and that CNC units have the power required for automated cutting and shaping processes. At the same time, we also feature control cabling for transportation, such as push pull cables for major outboard motor brands. They will be ideal for marine-based businesses and even leisure users. Whether you need industrial control models of cables for outboards, is the place to look. When wires cables cable assemblies are required, our wholesale marketplace offers affordable options and a vast range of choice.